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San Juan

San Juan is the oldest continuously occupied European-settled metropolitan area within U.S. jurisdiction. The capital of the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico is also the island’s primary metropolitan area and home to a number of its main tourist attractions.

The metro area radiates outward from Old San Juan, including areas to the east of the historic neighborhood. Encompassing two 16th-century military forts, a boardwalk, a cruise port, multiple hotels and casinos, and cobblestone streets lined with boutiques and restaurants, Old San Juan exudes touristy charm. Those who purchase homes in neighborhoods like Miramar, Santa Teresita and Ocean Park have easy access to the coast and the metro area’s entertainment options. The Condado area is full of high-end nightclubs, hotel bars and restaurants that can make any night feel like a Friday night.

Both English and Spanish are the official languages of Puerto Rico, and many San Juan residents are bilingual. This has helped foster a strong tourism industry.

San Juan draws a variety of different demographics. Job opportunities and a buzzing nightlife attract many young professionals from other parts of Puerto Rico, while other households are comprised of families with children. San Juan is also a popular retirement destination for people from all over the world.

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